BCR Current account - in lei

What would you do today with 1, 3 or 5 lei? You could pay the fees associated with the current account or, better, you could surprise your loved ones. Buy a flower for your grandma, crayons for your kids or some cookies for yourself, since we have NO FEES relating to the current account. Come to BCR and turn your hectic life into a rich one!


  • ZERO management fee for the current account
  • ZERO management fee for the attached debit card
  • ZERO fee for cash withdrawals from BCR ATMs
  • ZERO fee for displaying the balance at BCR ATMs


The package includes:

  • A current account in lei, which can be owned by anyone, even minors;
  • Debit card attached to the current account, which you can choose from MasterCard Instant or MasterCard.

You can add further services for free or at a low cost to enhance your banking operations and, why not, even your day-to-day living conditions:

  • 24 Banking services: Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking to help you perform the needed transactions, in the country or from abroad, by phone or through the Internet;
  • Services that help you make regular payments, without visiting the bank: Direct Debit and Standing Order;
  • SMS/e-mail alerting services for operations performed in your BCR accounts.
Do you need a current account in a foreign currency? See the account details


  • ZERO monthly management fee for your current account and debit card
  • ZERO fee for cash withdrawals in Lei from any BCR ATM/MFM

For other operations and services, check the Rates and fees applicable to natural persons.

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