Accounts and cards

Do you want access to your money anytime and to keep it safe? Do you want to continuously monitor your expenses, know exactly what you bought and how much it cost?

Choose from our range of current account packages and debit cards.

BCR Current Account

What would you do today with 1, 3 or 5 lei? You could pay the fees associated with the current account or, better, you could surprise your loved ones.

Why choose the BCR Current Account?

✔ ZERO management fee for the current account

✔ ZERO management fee for the attached debit card

✔ ZERO fee for cash withdrawals from BCR ATMs

✔ ZERO fee for displaying the balance at BCR ATMs


Want an account that you can use to perform banking operations more easily and benefit from competitive prices for the services you need?

Here are a few reasons to choose the ClasiCont package:

✔ Current account in lei

✔ Debit card in lei*

✔ Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking: Click, Touch and Alo 24 Banking BCR

✔ SMS alert for sallary, indemnity and allowance collection

*you can choose from 2 types of cards: MasterCard or MasterCard Zâmbet


Do you need everything at hand? TotalCont is an "all inclusive" package, including banking services designed for your gain and comfort.

Here is what you will get:

✔ Current account in lei

✔ Debit card in lei - MasterCard Gold

✔ Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking: Click, Touch and Alo 24 Banking BCR

✔ SMS/e-mail alerts via the BCR Alert Plus service

✔ ZERO BCR fee for intra and inter-bank* payments in Lei through Internet and Mobile Banking

* BNR/Transfond fees are not included


Designed to help you save time. Through the services that help to enhance your banking operations, you can enjoy all the financial freedom that you need.

The package includes:

✔ Current account in lei

Visa Platinum debit card attached to your current account

Internet and Mobile Banking to simplify your transations without the need to visit a branch

BCR Alert Plus

✔ ZERO BCR fee for intra and inter-bank payments in Lei through Internet and Mobile Banking

Student or teen?

Whether you're a young student, a Master's or PhD student, we have the perfect offer for you.

Here are your options:

☼ You're between 14 and 19 years old? Then you could choose the Xteen package.

☼ You're over 18? No worries, we have a special package for you, as well. Find out more about the Campus package.

For pensioners

It's time to enjoy your retirement. The COMOD package satisfies all your financial needs, with the most convenient costs.

The COMOD package is the perfect choice for you. This is why:

  • a current account with an attached debit card
  • term deposits with a preferential interest rate
  • overdraft amounting to 3 net pensions
  • SMS Pension Alert – free SMS for pension collection
  • Internet and Mobile Banking for easy banking operations, without the need to visit a branch

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