Buy gold from BCR

Enrich your portfolio and invest in a safe reserve

  • One of the safest investments
  • Relatively constant value in the long term
  • Easy to sell

Buy gold from BCR

Enrich your portfolio and invest in a safe reserve

What do I get?

Gold is independent of states, currencies, productivity, credit rating

Regardless of price fluctuations, gold’s value brings stability to your investments

Gold can be sold around the world, anytime and anywhere

Gold is one of the most reliable ways to store your wealth

I want to know more

Gold is one of the safest wealth-preserving assets, and at BCR you can buy this precious metal at the highest quality.

You can buy physical gold, which is available as minted or cast bars and pure gold coins in various sizes and grams.

Despite price fluctuations, gold’s value always brings stability and safety, and at the same time it is very easy to sell it both in Romania and abroad.

Moreover, gold is a very reliable reserve asset and central banks recommend that you hold between 5 and 10% of your long-term portfolio in precious metals.

Once gold has been purchased, you can choose from two options:

  • Either you take the gold with and you can keep it where you think fit
  • Or you leave it in our custody, in which case it can be bought by the bank, but only with your consent

It is important for you to know that we are obliged to buy back from customers only gold sold by BCR and deposited with us throughout the whole period.

For additional information, please read Legal Disclaimers.

How much do I pay?

Please go to the full list of Gold Prices

Required documents

Valid ID card

How do I buy gold from BCR?


You may pre-order and purchase gold from any BCR branch.


Check the list of BCR branches that have gold in stock and buy it on the spot.

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