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Always in fashion, gold is one of the most beloved precious metals. A symbol of nobility, wealth and prestige, pure gold is one of the safest investments, with a relatively constant value on long term, irrespective of the economic context.

What types of physical gold can you buy from BCR?

  • You can buy from us physical gold, available as cast or minted bard and coins of pure gold in various sizes and weights;
  • We sell gold of the highest quality - Erste Bank AG, the vendor of the gold sold by BCR, is the main supplier of the Austrian Mint, a subsidiary of the National Bank of Austria.

Why should you buy gold coins or bars?

  • Independence: gold is independent of states, currencies, productivity, credit worthiness and such;
  • Reserve asset: nations and central banks trust in gold as a reserve asset. Many experts also advise private investors to hold between 5 and 10% of their wealth in precious metals the long term;
  • Security: over time gold proved to be one of the most reliable stores of value;
  • Stability: Despite price fluctuations, the value of gold has brought stability for the investment portfolios;
  • Liquidity: gold is an international currency which can always be sold around the world.

How can you buy physical gold from BCR?

  1. You can buy gold from any BCR branch, as long as you place an order beforehand;
  2. You can also buy gold on the spot from the branches' stock.

BCR offers depositing services for a minimum of 100 gr. of physical gold.

You can take the gold with you or you can keep it in custody at BCR, in which case the bank can purchase it from you at a later time, if you request this. Gold bought from BCR can be sold anywhere in the world.

Important! BCR commits to buy back from clients only gold sold and deposited by BCR the entire period.

Gold prices

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