George is like you.

George. The first intelligent banking.

Some people are surprised by the future. You embrace it with confidence.

Drones, virtual reality and electric cars have already said hello to George. It's your turn to say hello to George, the first intelligent banking with a personality. Your personality.

George is smart.

With just a few clicks it shows you everything you want to know about transactions, names and dates. Because he knows you very well, it can anticipate your needs perfectly: George knows what you are searching for after just a few key strokes. It simply and directly shows you the results, along with the merchant logo so that you can identify the transaction at a glance.


George is simple.

You blink, George pays. Structured and intuitive. Furthermore, George remembers your transactions, IBANs and account numbers so that you don't have to.

George is original.

It's more than online banking, it's the first modern banking with a personality. It greets you and welcomes you in a friendly manner, with simple and intuitive menus. It analyses your expenses and shows you how to save money. And learns every day about you.

George is personal.

You can customize it just the way you want. You can get additiona banking services or activate new functionalities, straight from the dedicated Store, where you will always find something new and useful.


George is sociable.

George has a secure chat through which you can directly contact our hepdesk team. Moreover, George enables you to take a snapshot of your screen and share it with us. If you encounter a problem, you can save the image, add comments and send it straight to a cunsultant. 

George is safe.

George doesn't compromise with the safety of your money or your data.

George is mobile.

The first intelligent banking is available on the smartphone as well. Download George and always take it with you.

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