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Last update March 16th 2022

The website uses cookies and is owned by Banca Comercială Română SA, member of Erste Group.

This page contains details about cookies, the purpose of their use and the implications for the end user, as a result of the prior user acceptance of the use of cookies. For more details, please contact us at

Cookies are small sized files, containing text and digits, which are saved on a user’s device, when the user visits a specific website online. With each following visit, the browser sends the cookie file to the site’s server, thus identifying a particular user who has returned to the site.

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Our own cookies (first-party) and third-party cookies

This website uses both our own cookies (first-party) and third-party cookies. They allow us to understand the user’s needs and requests, and further improve user experience on the website. In other words, they help users quickly obtain the desired information and get the best performance while visiting

Session cookies and permanent cookies

Based on the cookie life span, they can be session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are stored temporarily, for the duration of a user’s visit session. When a user ends the session or closes the browser window, the session cookie is erased. Permanent cookies are stored on the user’s computer or device and are not erased when their visit session ends. The website uses both session and permanent cookies.

Essential cookies, research and analysis cookies and marketing cookies

Essential cookies are necessary for the website’s basic performance and cannot be deactivated. Usually, they provide reply to a user’s actions on the website and do not store personal data. The website uses the following essential cookies:

Some cookies help us analyze the traffic and performance of the website we monitor, or they can be used for re-marketing purposes, if the user opts in for marketing cookies.

For traffic and performance analysis, we use Google tools (Analytics, GTM, WebMaster Tools). Google tools store data about visited pages, visit duration on the website, the device from which they visit the site, the source page that backlinks to the website, location (city, for instance). The website uses the following research and analysis cookies:

Google LLC, the owner of the tools we use for traffic and performance analysis on is a ISO 27001 certified company, for Data management and security. Read more at

Read more about how Google uses this information here.

This website uses marketing cookies for displaying relevant and personalized ads, based on the user’s interests. Aside from the cookies mentioned above, the website also uses the following marketing cookies:

Data transfer through cookies

The data collected through cookies is sent to the following entities: WaveMaker Romania, Google Ireland LTD, Facebook Ireland LTD, AdForm. We do not transfer data collected through cookies outside of European Economic Area.

General information about cookies and cookie management

The browsers we use for accessing the internet allow you to change the data security settings, including allowing or blocking cookies. To find out how to change these settings, see: Google Chrome; Microsoft Edge; Mozilla Firefox; Microsoft; Internet Explorer; Opera; Apple Safari.

You can find various options for concealing your online activity from analysis tools. The most popular is the “Do Not Track” mechanism, which is used by most browsers and search engines. The purpose of the  „Do Not Track”  mechanism is to offer the user the possibility to express their preferences regarding monitoring their online activities or communicating said information to each server or web app they interact with. This allows each visited service to either adjust their practices based on user preferences or reach a separate accord with the user, which could benefit both parties. Not all “Do Not Track” functions can block cookies.

Although cookies are stored in the computer’s/internet device’s memory, they cannot access or read other information stored on said device. Cookies are not viruses. They are small text files. They are not compiled as script files and cannot run. This means, they cannot self duplicate, or spread to other networks to generate actions or be used for virus infection.

Cookies may not search for information on a user’s computer/device, but they do store personal data. This data is not generated by a cookie, but by the user, when they fill in online forms, register on certain websites, use electronic payment systems etc.

The use of cookies and suppliers’ obligations are regulated by the European Union and by the Romanian legislation. For more information on personal data processing, see our Privacy Policy.

Read the European directives that regulate cookies here Directive 2002/58/CE (PDF) and Directive 2009/136/CE (PDF). The use of cookies is also regulated by national legislation, under Law nr.506/2004, on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, as further modified and amended.