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Youth programs

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 Right here, on the BCR website

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What are we looking for?


Students and recent graduates interested in extracurricular activities, passionate about banking, knowing their worth, demonstrating initiative and innovative spirit.


Our selection process



  Psychometric tests

  Technical knowledge and skills tests


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For the mandatory practical training, come with a resume and a student certificate at any BCR branch, or send your resume by e-mail at, indicating the city where you want to intern.


Apply online for our paid internship. If recruitment is not open, your resume will be kept in the database and you will receive feedback at the time of selection.

IT Academy@BCR

Are you ambitious? Want to go higher heights? Prepare to become successful! The best banking IT experts will help you and you will learn to become the best!

Part-time positions

If you want to start your sales career, log in on our recruitment platform, search for a part-time job in your area and apply online.