Your career at BCR

  • Our 25 years of banking experience have influenced our way of banking. It took tough decisions to change the perspective of the organizational structure and the work processes, as well as the implementation of new business models, so that we may retain the title of the Bank for Romania.
  • The internal changes brought us the satisfaction that we did the right thing during the transformation period and a strong sense of confidence that the new model of banking is the right one.
  • People are in the centre of our organizational culture, and therefore, we always listened to and respected our employees, managing to create a united team and a pleasant work environment in the office, where by making things interesting, one does not feel like they're working. In this context, money acquire a different value, and the material reward is much more than that.

Our philosophy as an employer

  • We are BCR, the Bank for Romania. A dynamic employer with a good reputation on the market.
  • Our corporate culture is focused on customers and employees.
  • Our employees are in charge of their careers.
  • We are responsible and active in the community we are part of.

...this translates as:

We always listen to our customers and employees, and we treat them with respect.

We offer quality products and services, but also a challenging work environment that stimulates initiative.

Our employees have the opportunity to make decisions about their own development, and we give them the necessary tools.

We are involved in the community we are part of.