Depositary services

Depositary services relating to assets from investment funds and private pension funds. What supports the idea of choosing BCR as a depositary bank?

  • Periodical notices relating to changes in legislation having impact on the asset management and depositary activities
  • Detailed working instructions on document flows and methods for financial instruments valuation
  • Support in solving operational problems arising from the activity of managing investment funds or private pension funds
  • Specialized staff involved in the depositing activity, selected so that it ensures that a performant organization is maintained, based on knowledge and the creation of added value for the company, its partners and customers


Banca Comercială Română is authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority as a depositary bank for:

  • collective investment undertakings, through Approval of CNVM no. 25/04.05.2006, registered in the FSA registry under no. PJR10DEPR/400010;
  • private pension funds (Pillar  2) through Approval of CSSPP no. 20/12.06.2007 and voluntary pension funds (Pillar 3) through the Approval of CSSPP no. 6/17.04.2007, being also registered as depositary bank for private pension funds in the FSA Registry under no. DEP-RO-374136

Depositary services include:

  • The safe keeping of fund assets, by opening financial instrument accounts and bank accounts for the settlement of transactions;
  • The registering, checking, monitoring and control of all assets owned by every fund for which BCR acts as a depositary;
  • The certification of the net asset value of funds and net asset value per unit based on the registry and documents owned and on documents and instructions received from the Administrator;
  • Acting upon the of instructions received from Administrators of investment funds and private pension funds, in accordance with the applicable legal provision and the internal regulations of the funds;
  • Checking each operation perfomed on behalf of each fund:  fund units operations/ operations with fund assets;
  • Registry of Participants/Investors, according to the legal provisions.

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