Maxicont PFA

Savings account in RON and EUR

  • Access to the account balance is unlimited – deposits and withdrawals can be performed at any time, as long as the minimum balance is maintained
  • Advantageous interest, differentiated on value groups


  • Currency: RON/EUR
  • Minimum amount/balance:
    • RON: 1,000
    • EUR: 500
  • Deposits: at any moment, in minimum amounts of 50 lei or 50 EUR, by:
    • depositing cash at any territorial bank office
    • intra- and interbank transfer
  • In cases where the amounts representing deposits into the savings account are inferior to the minimum amounts established, they shall be refused
  • Withdrawals: any time, any amount; in the event that the daily balance of the savings account falls under the minimum balance level, the amounts will be transferred into the current account and the savings account shall be settled
  • A current account is required
  • The account holder can assign one or more representatives to perform operations in the account based on their ID presented in original, within the limits of the amounts available in the savings account


  • fee for opening a savings account: 0
  • management fee for the savings account:
    • RON: 4 lei/month
    • EUR: 1 EUR/month
  • fee for withdrawal from BCR desks
    • RON: 0.4% min. 6 lei
    • EUR: 0.5%, min. 3 EUR for amounts lower than 100m000 EUR and 2.5% for amounts higher than 100,000 EUR

Interest rates

  • the interests will be added on the condition the minimum mandatory balance is maintained for at least one month after opening a savings account in lei, while for savings accounts in EUR, this period is of 3 months
  • in the event that the savings account balance goes under the minimum level established for the first calendar month for accounts in lei and for the first 3 months for accounts in EUR, the applied interest rate will be the spot rate for the period between the opening of the account and until the balance falls below the requirement
  • the interest is calculated at the end of each day and is capitalized into account at the end of the month, starting with the month following the one in which the account was opened
  • the interest is taxable at a rate of 16%

Useful information


  • Identity Card
  • Savings account agreement in lei/foreign currency for certified individuals

The Deposit Guarantee Fund in the Banking System

Banca Comercială Română takes part in the Deposit guarantee fund of the Romanian banking system, under which depositors benefit from guaranteeing their deposits, through the payment of compensation, within the ceiling established periodically by the fund, currently this amounts to 100,000 EUR, lei equivalent, per depositor per bank.

The Deposit Guarantee Fund in the Banking System – Information for depositors

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