Ideal account

An account in which the company can transfer money to ensure an improved interest rate as compared to the one in the current account. The account balance can be accessed at any moment, through the payment orders issued on paper or through electronic/Internet banking, with the interest being added for the period in which the funds were in the Ideal Account.


  • Flexibility
  • Interest rate close to that of term deposits
  • Security provided by the guarantee of the Deposit Guarantee Funds for amounts deposited under a ceiling of 100,000 EUR (lei equivalent)


Currency: RON/EUR

Minimum amount for opening:

  • LEI: 25,000
  • USD: 15,000
  • EUR: 15,000

Minimum amount deposited per operation:

  • LEI: 3,000
  • USD: 1,000
  • EUR: 1,000

Minimum amount withdrawn per operation:

  • LEI: 3,000
  • USD: 1,000
  • EUR: 1,000


  • Ideal BCR account opening fee: 0
  • fee for transfers between the current account/sub-account and the Ideal MICRO BCR account: 0


The interest rate is variable and differentiated on value groups, depending on the daily balance of the Ideal BCR account.

In the event that, after performing a withdrawal, the balance of the Ideal BCR account is lower than the amount established by the bank for its opening, then the bank will calculate and add the interest relating to the available funds.

The interest rate is calculated on the daily balance of the Ideal BCR account and is added monthly, on the day corresponding to the date in which the account was opened, or upon the settlement of the account.

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