Made possible to transform the Euro payments landscape into a borderless area, through:

  • a harmonized legal framework
  • a standardized payment message format
  • a common set of rules and procedures

SEPA is the geographical area in which payments in Euro will be possible between any accounts opened with banks operating on the territory of this geographical area, with the same ease and security level, as it is now applicable within national borders.

SEPA countries



1. Austria 11. France 20. Lithuania 31. San Marino
2. Belgium 12. Germany 21. Luxembourg 32. Slovakia
3. Bulgaria 13. Greece 22. Malta 33. Slovenia
4. Croatia 14. Hungary 23. Monaco 34. Spain
5. Cyprus 15. Iceland 24. Netherlands 35. Canary Islands
6. Czech Republic 16. Ireland 25. Norway 36. Sweden
7. Denmark 17. Italy 26. Poland 37. Switzerland
8. Estonia 18. Latvia 27. Portugal (28. Azore,
29. Madeira)
38. Great Britain
9. Finland (10. Aland Island) 19. Liechtenstein 30. Romania (39. Gibraltar,
40. Guernsey,
41. Jersey,
42. Isle of Man)

As Member State of the European Union, Romania is part of the geographical area characterized by no differences between national and cross-border payments denominated in Euro. As a country where the Euro currency has not been yet adopted, the deadline for taking over the SEPA standards is 31 October 2016.

SEPA products


SEPA Credit Transfer scheme (SCT) is an inter-bank payment system whereby a common set of rules and processes is defined and applied to credit transfer operations (payment instructions).

The main SEPA features are:

• The usage of xml ISO 20022 (eXtensible Markup Language) message format

 The “IBAN only” rule – the beneficiary’s bank BIC code becomes an optional field

 The commissioning type is implicitly SHA (the charges deduction principle established by the Payment Service Directive according to which the fees are split between the payer and the beneficiary)


SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) is an inter-bank payment system whereby a common set of rules and processes is defined and applied to direct debit operations (payment instructions transmitted through the payee).

SEPA Direct Debit schemes were implemented under RON Business to Business and CORE in April 2016. BCR is a participant bank for both direct debit schemes  (CORE and Business to Business) and the first bank that registered a beneficiary in  RUM (Unique Mandate Register) and sent the first direct debit instruction under the new scheme.

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