Discounting of bills of exchange and promissory notes

The purchase by the bank of the promissory notes and/or bills of exchange

  • Possibility of collecting the receivables before the maturity of the instruments (promissory notes/bills of exchange)
  • Fluidization of payments
  • Continuity in carrying out current activity
  • Free consultancy in drafting the documentation


✔ Beneficiaries: corporate customers, legal owners of trade bills (bills of exchange or promissory notes) desiring collection of the relevant amount before maturity

✔ Destination: depending on the requirements of the customer or for the settlement of any payments, in compliance with the legal provisions

✔ Currency: lei and/or foreign currencies

May take the form of:

  • individual discounting (one or more promissory notes/bills of exchange submitted for discounting at the same time)
  • revolving discounting (approved ceiling under which several promissory notes/bills of exchange may be discounted)

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