You gain the trust to grow your business the way you want to through the loans with EIF guarantee.

The loans with EIF guarantee benefit from support from the European Union pursuant to the SME Initiative, with funding by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund and Horizon 2020 and by the European Investment Fund and the European Investment Bank.

  • Credit line/Non-revolving loan
  • Investment credit


✔ EIF guarantee is free of charge 

✔ Low interest

✔ Dedicated BCR specialists within corporate business centers

✔ Simplified documentation



1. Credit line/Non-revolving loan for:

  • Financing current activity (purchasing raw materials and other inputs for the manufacturing process, covering the stocks, indirect business expenses, financing receivables, wage payment, as long as they are involved by opening of a new business line, consolidating the market position, implementing new projects, penetrating new markets or developing existing activities)

2. Investment credit aimed at financing the business for the following purposes:

  • Purchasing new production capacities and pursuing new production objectives;
  • Developing/maintaining the existent production capacities at optimal parameters;
  • Retooling the production capacities, the equipment, machines, installations and the existing buildings etc.

Single disbursement/in installments after meeting the conditions, not later than 31.12.2020.

✔ Beneficiaries: the SMEs defined as per the Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC and Law 346/2004, as subsequently amended and completed

✔ Loan currency: RON, EUR

Maximum loan amount: 5 million EUR (or RON equivalent)

Interest: variable, negotiable

✔ Extended for: minimum 2 years, maximum 12 years (depending on credit type)

✔ Collaterals: other collaterals (real estate, securities, personal guarantees, risk-free guarantees) may be requested in addition to the EIF guarantee (60% of the credit value), as the case may be

✔ Grace period: according to the specific features of the granted product




✔ Credit request

✔ Certified financial statements (the last two final financial statements and the last quarterly balance)

✔ Agreement to study the applicant’s status as reported by Central Credit Register

✔ Agreement to study the applicant’s status as reported by the Credit Office, for the controlling shareholders

✔ Fiscal certificate

✔ Proof of registration issued by the Trade Register

✔ The decision of the competent authority – according to the constitutive terms and to the law - regarding the contract and the guarantee credit

✔ Ownership documentation related to the purchased good

✔ Specific documentation (Affidavit regarding fitting into the SMEs category, regarding “de minimis” aid and regarding the non-qualification as a restricted or excluded entity)