EU Office European Funds

BCR is the leader in co-financing EU-funded projects , our desire being to leverage our experience to help accelerate the absorption of EU funds on all layers available to Romania: infrastructure, agriculture, SMEs.

Financing programs

Useful information


For further information and additional details, the Financing Programs Department within the central BCR unit is at your disposal.

Corporate Finance Division

  • Phone: 0040 21 314.91.90, interior: 16518
  • Fax: 0040 21 227.05.75

Financing Programs Department 

  • Loredana Rautu, Head of Department

EU OFFICE BCR Central team

  • Bogdan Tanasescu, EU Office Manager
  • Laura Delia Mut, EU Office Manager
  • Diana Zomant, Financing Programs Manager
  • Lucia Ilinca, Financing Programs Manager
If you require financing for your projects, please fill in the dedicated form and you will be contacted by BCR’s TEAM OF SPECIALISTS! I want to be contacted Financing specialists