Investment / Mortgage loan

A credit product used to finance the expenses relating to investment projects.

  • Reduced financial effort upon starting the financed objective, depending on the grace period granted
  • The investment loan covers a wide range of expenses relating to investment projects that can be credit-financed, such as expenses relating to the procurement and/or development of lands/buildings, the purchasing of cars, machinery, fruit-growing and wine-growing equipment/plantations
  • The mortgage loan only covers the financing of real estate investments or the re-financing of a loan granted for financing a real estate investment


  • Covers the expenses relating to the re-financing of investment loans contracted from other banks
  • Can be granted for the purpose of re-financing expenses associated with investment projects, made from own sources
  • Possibility to finance the VAT associated to the relevant investment by granting a distinct loan
  • Possibility of financing, from the credit ceiling, premiums relating to the options on exchange rates or on the interest rate contracted by you for covering the currency/interest risks associated with the contracted loan
  • Specialized consultancy from a BCR representative on choosing the optimal financing/guaranteeing solution for your company


  • Destined for financing/re-financing of expenses associated with investment projects
  • Granted in lei or foreign currency (EUR/USD)
  • Non-revolving ceiling
  • Credit period established depending on the nature of investments and on their period of amortization
  • Can be fully drawn, up to a certain date, or spread out based on supporting documents
  • Reimbursement at the due dates provided within a schedule that is mutually agreed between the bank and you

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