A revolving type credit product, with multiple drawings and reimbursements at any time during the creditting period, within the available ceiling

  • Continuity in carrying out your current activity
  • Fluidization of payments
  • Easy access to funds, without justifying the destination
  • Possibility to benefit simultaneously from several Overdrafts registered in different current accounts, if the company's field of activity requires to highlight the collected amounts in different current accounts
  • Accessibility, by having the option to attach a debit card to the current account afferent to the Overdraft - permanent access to financing sources
  • Possibility of 24/7 use via Electronic banking
  • Specialized consultancy from a BCR representative on choosing the optimal solution for financing/guaranteeing


  • financing current activity (suppliers, duties, salaries, taxes etc.), depending on the customer’s needs
  • granted in lei or foreign currency (EUR/USD) 
  • highlighted on the debit of the current account through which the collection of amounts related to the current activity undertaken by your company is performed
  • reimbursements are made automatically, on a daily basis, providing the option to re-use the reimbursed amounts
  • the reimbursement rate and the unique maturity is set on the final day of the creditting period

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