Non-revolving loan for financing current activity

A credit type product dedicated to customers who require financing for a specific, customized single transaction (such as purchasing of raw materials)

  • Continuity in carrying out your current activity
  • Fluidization of payments
  • Covers the temporary lack of funds
  • Specialized consultancy from a BCR representative on choosing the optimal financing and guaranteeing solution for your company
  • Possibility of financing out of the credit ceiling, of the options on exchange rates related premiums or on the interest rate contracted by you for covering the currency/interest risks associated with the contracted loan


  • Designed for  purchasing  raw materials and/or production materials, as well as covering  other specific expenses related to the current activity
  • Granted in lei or foreign currency (EUR/USD)
  • Non-revolving ceiling
  • Can be fully used through multiple drawings or in installments up to a certain date, based on  supporting documents
  • Reimbursement at the due dates provided within a schedule mutually agreed between the bank and you.

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