Card acceptance services

In order to have a successful business, its important to have an adequate banking partner. The use of the card is a modern payment instrument, simple and convenient for anyone. Advantageous for you and your customers.

  • POS
  • e-commerce

We can provide

  • Negotiable fees
  • 24/7 authorization of transactions and non-stop assistance, anti-fraud filters, SMS alerts. New promotional channels for free, provided to you by BCR
  • Extended payment options for customers, by means of a flexible and comfortable payment offer
  • Access to the newest payment methods, keeping pace with technological advancements (such as: E-commerce, fast payment -contactless, DCC payments, pre-authorization)
  • Acceptance of all types of cards issued under the Visa or MasterCard logos
  • Free promotional materials for signaling terminals, consumables, training and installation.
  • Depending on the technical specifications and the nature of the activity, BCR provides the following card acceptance technologies to its customers
  • Timeframe for processing POS transactions: 1 working day after performance (settlement in D+1)
  • Reporting: BCR provides a portal that allows the extraction of personalized reports concerning the transactions undertaken by your business

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