Direct Debit

An extremely useful collection instrument ensuring the voluntary collection of receivables in lei and euro, by pre-authorized debiting of the current accounts of customers or business partners, with reduced costs for collection and a maximum degree of reconciliation.

  • predictability of the collection date for receivables, since it is initiated by the beneficiary
  • automatic reconciliation
  • fully automated process through electronic and Internet banking solutions


This service is dedicated to legal persons having a large number of collections, both from natural and legal persons.

In order to make direct debit requests, a legal person must conclude a direct debit agreement with BCR. At the same time, in order to be able to debit the account of a payer in favor of the beneficiary, the paying bank must have a valid direct debit mandate concluded with the payer.

Direct debit transactions can be made within a bank (from accounts open at BCR), as well as between banks (from accounts open at other banks), while, for the latter, such transactions are made through the Transfond clearance house.

The collection of direct debit requests that are accepted is made at the due date indicated by the beneficiary in the direct debit requests.

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