External VAT refund

VAT may account for up to 27% of external costs

Cut the cost of doing business internationally

Banca Comercială Română and Taxback International have partnered to provide business card holders with an integrated, fast and efficient VAT Refund Solution.

VAT is recoverable for worldwide from a range of expenses such as:

  • Trade Shows / Conferences
  • Restaurant / Meals
  • Business Entertaining
  • Telecommunications
  • Training costs
  • Hotels
  • Advertising Costs
  • Storage costs
  • Professional fees
  • And Many More...

Service benefits

  • Reduced overseas business costs,
  • No risk with free refund estimate & contingency pricing,
  • Frees up internal resources,
  • Processing and submission of VAT Refund claims,
  • Efficient and maximized refunds,
  • Full transparency, control and tracking,
  • Communication with foreign Tax Authorities

Taxback International is an Irish company and a global leader in tax services. Taxback International provides comprehensive, low cost and multilingual VAT services for over 12,000 clients from 107 countries.