Internet Banking (Click 24)

You are in permanent contact with the bank through the 24 Banking BCR services. From the office, from home or on the mobile phone, you have access to detailed information relating to your accounts and a wide range of operations.

  • comfort - possibility of managing your company bank accounts remotely
  • access to Mobile Banking is a BONUS
  • safety - three levels help to secure the use of this service: user doced, PIN code for protecting the eToken/Token and the static password/unique code generated by the Token/eToken


  • Here are a few important reasons to try Internet Banking from BCR:
  • perform payments and transfers in lei and other currencies to accounts open at BCR or other banks in Romania and abroad and you will benefit from substantial discounts relating to the fees required for transfers made through internet banking as opposed to the ones performed at the desk
  • Click 24 Banking provides access to services that are dedicated to companies, such as: payment of salaries by importing files, examination of debit, standing order and direct debit instruments
  • obtain information in real time concerning the company accounts, the loans and credit cards held

24 Banking services

  • Internet Banking (Click 24 Banking) – the Internet Banking service provided by BCR, which can be accessed from a laptop or PC
  • Mobile Banking (Touch 24 Banking) - application destined for mobile phones having an iOS or Android operating system
    • – for mobile phones with Internet acces, but without an iOS and Android operating system
  • Phone Banking (Alo 24 Banking) – Phone Banking service providing non-stop access to information relating to your accounts and the possibility of performing certain operations by contacting a BCR Contact Center Specialist via phone
  • BCR Alert Plus - for continuous updates relating to any incoming and outgoing amounts in your account

How to login?

You can use the user name available in your contract/your alias and the static password/unique code generated by the Token/eToken to connect.

Simple, fast and safe




By clicking the Login button on this website


directly at

See also the Click 24 Banking BCR User manual




You have 2 options at your disposal, both providing a similar high degree of security:

  1. By using the eTokenBCR* app - a mobile app helping you to generate unique codes
  2. By using the Token - a physical device used for authentication and for authorizing transactions



Your user name/alias


the unique code generated in step 2 or the static password


*The eToken BCR app for mobile phones with iOS or Android now allows you to authenticate by scanning your fingerprint with the Touch ID function.

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