Welcome to BCR, the bank that stands ready to support the Romanians who are self-confident and believe in their business. At BCR you have customized offers on products, dedicated applications and services, plus a multitude of free-of-charge facilities in the first 12 months of partnership.


Come to BCR and in the first 12 months* of partnership you benefit of a multitude of discounts and free-of-charge facilities:

  • Current account: FREE OF CHARGE
  •     ZERO lei for the opening and monthly management of the account

  • Debit card: FREE OF CHARGE
  •     ZERO lei for the management of the debit card

  • Internet and Mobile Banking - 24 Banking: FREE OF CHARGE
  •     ZERO lei for the management of the Internet Banking service

  • Transactions by Internet and Mobile Banking - 24 Banking: FREE OF CHARGE
  •     ZERO lei for transactions made by 24 Banking, except for the TransFond/BNR fees

  • Receipts in the current account: FREE OF CHARGE
  •     ZERO lei for receipts by payment order under the intra-bank (BCR to BCR transfer) and inter-bank system (transfer from other banks in Romania, to BCR)

  • BCR Alert Plus: FREE OF CHARGE
  •     ZERO lei for the BCR Alert Plus system, whereby you receive an SMS or email for receipts and payments to/from your current BCR account

  • Electronic signature package: 23% OFF

Swift and safe communication with your partners and clients, while maintaining data confidentiality and integrity

Online submission of tax returns on the portal of A.N.A.F. (National Agency for Fiscal Administration), C.N.P.A.S. (National Pensions and Social Security House),  A.N.O.F.M. (National Employment Agency), C.N.A.S. (National House for Health Insurance) or online submission of documents to the Trade Register.

* The offer is valid for 12 months from its activation and it’s dedicated to businesses operating for less than 12 months; upon the expiry of the offer the Bank will automatically activate the BCR Succes Plus Package ** or the Package that has replaced this package with the standard components and costs in the BCR Offer, according to the Rates and Fees for Legal Entities displayed at the Bank's Counters and on www.bcr. ro on the expiry date of the offer, based on the agreement expressed by signing the offer regarding the acceptance of the contractual provisions related to the Package and its components as they are mentioned in the Application agreement for the contracting of banking products and services and in the General Conditions of the BCR Succes Packages.

** subject to the activation of (i) the Internet Banking service and the (ii) ownership of the business debit card