Click 24 BankingClick 24 Banking


  • zero fee to pay bills to suppliers having signed a convention with the bank
  • comfort and safety in performing banking operations on any computer with Internet access
  • permanent contact with the bank through securitized message service


  • Means of access and schedule:
    • Click 24 Banking BCR is accessible 24/7 and can be accessed directly through
  • Method to identify and authorize transactions through Click 24 Banking BCR:
    • For identification, the unique OTP codes are used (One Time Password) generated by the Token device
    • To authorize operations through Click 24 Banking BCR, unique DS codes are used (Digital Signature) generated by the Token device
  • The maximum value of the transactions
    • 10.000 EUR/transaction (or equivalent at BNR exchange rate valid on the operation date) for Click 24 Banking BCR


  • Bills payment by using the option “supplier template” for the suppliers having a signed convention with the bank
  • Initiation of programmed intra-banking and inter-banking transfers in RON and foreign currency for a future date (cyclic or not cyclic)
  • Change of programmed transfers for a future date, intra-banking in RON and foreign currency and inter-banking in RON  
  • Cancelling programmed transfers for a future date
  • Setting up instructions for repeated payments